I know I know..I haven’t been blogging much lately and then when I do I post photos of myself! I couldn’t resist sharing. It is a rare occasion that I hire another professional to shoot us and when Yan agreed to come with her camera, I was happy. Really happy.

We have to move in 2 short months and we knew we needed some photos of us in our space before we headed off on our next adventure. I can’t believe we are leaving this space we love so much. The only thing holding me together is the fact that I get to take these two with me. I love being a wife. I love being a mom.

I feel pretty cheesy posting photos of me here on my blog…but since it is in part a journal of my life I decided it was OK to have me be a part of that on occasion.

Big THANK YOU to Diana for creating these stunning images for us. She stepped into our home and a few hours later was snuggled in our guest room for a sleepover. I immediately felt like she was an old friend. An amazing person and an amazing photographer. We love you Yan. Head over to her blog to read the embarrassing things she wrote about us and see more of the images she shot. You won’t regret it.

(I secretly love that she called us the “Thurston Family”. Multiple last names mean that sometimes I am Mrs. Porter and sometimes Grant is Mr. Thurston. It’s fun.)

Camille - These are absolutely stunning. What a beautiful moment to capture. I love the feel and look of each photo. Such a beautiful family.April 6, 2012 – 11:02 am

brittany - stop it. everything about these is gorgeous and real. look at her smile at the last one. oh my word!April 6, 2012 – 11:02 am

Becky G - Rachel these. are. gorgeous. I want Yan to be my new best friend as well! I love the photo of you and Nova touching foreheads and the one on Yan’s website of you lying on the bed with Nova in your arms with your eyes on the camera… striking.

The photography is so close to yours I almost thought on the first shot you were just a genius with a tripod.

I would love to know where you got your beautiful painting on your wall in one of the pictures on Yan’s website? Did Lisa paint that for you? I love it!

I love this type of photography and love how real it is. Beautiful family! Thank you for sharing!April 6, 2012 – 11:21 am

Jasmine - These are all so stunning!!! I’m so glad you posted them! :D April 6, 2012 – 11:50 am

gladys - you have a beautiful family, rachel. nova is so darling!April 6, 2012 – 1:32 pm

julia - you look gorgeous. i love, love these.April 6, 2012 – 2:28 pm

Caroline Merrell - i don’t think its cheesy at all. i love that you posted these since i visit your blog because i am a big fan of YOU not just your work. your family is gorgeous and so are these photos!April 7, 2012 – 8:54 am

Melody - Rach, love these so so much. U are prettier than ever. Love yaApril 7, 2012 – 10:47 am

audrey - gorgeous!! what GORGEOUS pictures you can take with you. and even better memories. i’m happy for you. nothing like a good picture to help you remember the best of the best.
xoxoxoxoApril 9, 2012 – 5:52 am

Shayna Proctor - I’m in love. You are all so stunning.April 9, 2012 – 8:10 am

Emily - These pictures are perfect! Such a beautiful family! Nova is so adorable! Rach, you’re hot!April 9, 2012 – 12:33 pm

Rachel - Becky, Thank you!! Yes, the painting is Lisa’s. I love her art so much.April 9, 2012 – 12:52 pm

Rachel - Caroline, I am a fan of YOU as well. xxoo.April 9, 2012 – 12:52 pm

stephanie - beautiful family, rachel! its nice to see shots of you on the blog :)
and such beautiful photos, diana!April 10, 2012 – 1:47 pm

Joyce Alexander - I just can’t help but tell you you look like Maggie Gyllenhal, who I think is amazing and adorable :) These photos are so lovely, yay Yan!April 10, 2012 – 7:34 pm

KelseyB - Ooooh I love these. The colors, the poses- natural and..posed. There is a tangible sweetness.April 11, 2012 – 2:26 am

Nikki - These are gorgeous. I’m glad you got these and posted them. Where are you moving?April 11, 2012 – 5:55 am

The New Diplomat’s Wife - I was totally fawning over these images on Yan’s blog a few days ago – I hadn’t caught on that you were a photographer too! these turned out beautifully and I know you will treasure them for years to come.April 12, 2012 – 6:59 pm

Chloe - What a beautiful family you are! Also, I love your cuff. It looks like something a Greek goddess would have worn.April 13, 2012 – 11:24 am

Anna - You look beautiful! Wow. And a beautiful family to go along with. Ps. Move to utah. ;) April 16, 2012 – 8:50 pm

meg - i just fell in love with everything about this post!

where is your home? its the coolest place ever!

xoMay 3, 2012 – 4:07 pm

kristin - Such a beautiful family!! Found you via Yan via Ryan (Pacing the Panic Room) – you all have so much talent and beauty! Now… I hate to be *that* person, but I have a little blondie about your sweet girl’s age and I’m struggling finding hair accessories (sans giant flowers). Can you please share where you got the little bow so I don’t have to spend my entire work day scouring etsy? ;) Thank you!May 25, 2012 – 8:04 am